What Our Patients Are Saying:

  • "I went years without relief from my lower back pain. When I finally found Lorraine I had just about given up trying chiropractors. Lorraine used multiple different techniques to attack the problem and now I enjoy every day the relief that she has given me. Now that I can look back at all the other chiropractors I saw before Lorraine, I realize what a waste of money it had been. Lorraine actually listens to her patients to uncover the best course of treatment. Lorraine cares, is knowledgeable and is at the top of her profession, I am lucky to have found her clinic!"
    Paul E.
  • "Dr. Lorraine and Dr. Amy are both exceptional doctors and wonderful people. I love their caring hearts and determination to make your body feel whole again. I have been involved in several car accidents throughout the years and they have been helping my body restore back to its' self again. I couldn't thank them enough for their kindness, patience, and help."
    Carissa N.
  • "I would highly recommend this office. I currently see Dr. Lorraine Hurst who provides me with great advice and care. She has a upbeat and caring personality. When you arrive in the door, you are greeted right way with their friendly staff."
    Melissa T.
  • "Woodbury Family Chiropractic is awesome!! I highly recommend them to everyone I know. I typically see Dr. Lorraine, but have seen Amy a couple times and she is fabulous too. They genuinely care about helping you get better and don't take a "one size" fits all approach to chiropractic care. The adjustment feels more like a massage than an adjustment and the best part is you get to ice and either use the roller or water massage bed for 10-15minutes after your adjustment. I especially recommend Woodbury Family Chiropractic if you are pregnant. I started regular visits when I was 5 months pregnant and have no regrets. I am about to my due date and haven't had any back pain and baby is perfectly aligned and ready for a healthy delivery. Thank you Woodbury Family Chiropractic! Also, their office staff is super friendly and helpful"
    Stacy O.
  • "I have been to other chiropractic clinics before coming to Woodbury Family Chiropractic and by far Woodbury Family Chiropractic is the best. They have equipment that I haven't seen at other clinics and scheduling follow up appointments is very easy and they are able to get you in right away. I also like that your appointment time is your appointment time, I've had issues with this at other clinics. The staff is very friendly and they make me feel very comfortable. Dr. Lorraine is very knowledgeable and professional and good at what she does. I'm very glad to have found this place and will continue my chiropractic care at this office."
    Bong S.
  • "As a chiropractor in a small neighboring town, there are many times I need to refer a patient to a more convenient location for their schedule. I love being able to refer patients to Dr. Lorraine, because I know that they will receive amazing chiropractic care. She has great attention to detail and is a fantastic adjuster!"
    Dr. Lauryn Brunclik
  • "I am new to Woodbury Family Chiropractic and so far I really like it. Dr. Lorraine Hurst is very nice and professional as well as all the staff I have met so far. I feel like I have been a long time client already. My first impression of the clinic was very nice, the vibe they have going on makes me feel very comfortable. I am very glad that I decided to come check them out and I will be coming back."
    Buenafe S.
  • "I had really bad back pain from dance. I went to the Lifetime Fitness chiropractor and my consultation was basically just a sales pitch. I was referred to Dr. Amy by a friend, and I'm very glad I made the switch for many reasons.
    1.) everyone is extremely friendly there
    2.) the doctors are more concerned with helping your pain, than running a sales pitch
    3.) I was adjusted right away at my consultation
    4.) convenient location and clean, beautiful office
    5.) the roller beds and water table are amazing"
    Jenna K.
  • "This place is my heaven! Dr. Raine and Dr. Amy are both amazing! After I leave I feel like a new person! They both have helped me out so much with my headaches and sinus problems. I also work out a lot and need to be adjusted a lot! I love this place"
    Natalie S.
  • "I found out about Woodbury Family Chiropractic because I shop at Tailor Made next door. I have been to many Chiropractors over the years so I thought I would inquire about this new Chiropractor. I was impressed with the cost and the different treatment beds she has to use either before or after your appointment and it is included in the price! Once I met Dr. Lorraine, I was hooked! Dr. Amy is great too! The best part of this Chiropractic office is that there is absolutely no sales pitch, no huge up front cost to assess you and your issues and no video to watch while you painstakingly wait for the Dr. to arrive in the neat and tidy office the receptionist set up before hand to convince you to go to their practice."
  • "Sorry, I also worked at a Chiropractic office. Anyway, my husband also loves going there and his mother now goes there too! One more great plus for going to this office is that both Dr's have a hands on approach, meaning that they feel and touch your body in a way that lets them know where your pain is, which helps them make the correct adjustments. It sure feels good to know that our family has a great place to go to help us feel better. It is a feel good place to go! Thank you, Woodbury Family Chiropractic!!""
  • "I love Dr. Lorraine! I originally found her from a Groupon at her "old" place and moved with her to her fantastic new business. She's caring, intelligent and always has a smile on her face. She knows way more than just your basic chiro needs, so don't be afraid to ask her about chiro for infertility treatments or any other issue that may be plaguing your body."
    Michelle S.
  • "I came across Dr. Lorraine by chance and it was my lucky day! I have always had lower back problems and headaches and have gone through different chiropractors that never seemed to work out. But Dr. Lorraine was amazing from the start! Her techniques are unique and can get right to the source of the problem. I immediately feel a difference when I go to her. And she is hysterical and gives a great massage afterwards, which is an added bonus!"
    Jessica B.
  • "Dr. Amy and Dr. Lorraine are wonderful. They listen to what is happening with me, and respect my preferences with treatment. I also absolutely love the tables to lay on after an adjustment! I highly recommend Woodbury Family Chiropractic to anyone looking to feel better."
    Jennifer M.