Class IV Laser Therapy

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Class IV Laser Mechanism of Action:

Therapeutic lasers work by supplying energy to the cells of the body in the form of a photon of light.  The cells absorb this energy, utilizing it accelerates the healing process.

Benefits of the Class IV Laser:

  1. Reduction of inflammation
  2. Cellular growth and reproduction
  3. Wound healing
  4. Scar tissue reduction
  5. Improved vascular activity
  6. Stimulate nerve function

Treatment Frequency:

Some may benefit in a visit or two, but it may take 6-12 visits before a lasting change is made.  Results are dependent on a number of factors including the area of the body, chronicity, and severity.  It is best to speak with your doctor about individualized treatment expectations.


Since there is generally not insurance reimbursement for laser therapies, Woodbury Family Chiropractic has made this cutting-edge therapy very affordable.  Single, one region session: $35, Add an additional region to a session: $20, Pack of 8 (one region) sessions package: $240

*Current clinic chiropractic patients do not require a laser consult appointment before scheduling laser therapy*

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