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imgOur Team of Chiropractors: 

Dr. Lorraine Hurst
Dr. Amy Hamlin
Dr. Michelle Morgan
Dr. Ashley Kroneberger
Dr. Matthew Kroneberger
Dr. Mackenzie Stodola         
Dr. Dustin 'Dusty' Balliet

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How We Help: CUSTOM chiropractic adjustments restore balance and proper function of your body. We take the time to identify misalignment and treat the WHOLE BODY with specific adjustments and our wide variety of specialty muscle release techniques. Our doctors find the source of current and potential problems using their EXCEPTIONAL skill set, and help your body heal itself naturally. Our patients come to us for everything from wellness care to more specific cases including:

Neck & Back Pain Auto Accident Injuries Prenatal Chiropractic
Shoulder Pain Pinched Nerves Sleep Issues
Sciatica Slipped/Bulged Discs Infant Colic
Lower Back Pain Knee Injuries Pediatric Chiropractic
Rotator Cuff Injuries TMJ Dysfunction Sinus Trouble
Sports Injuries Reflux/GERD Symptoms Fibromyalgia Pain

Dr. Lorraine S. Hurst, Dr. Amy L. Hamlin, Dr. Ashley Kroneberger, Dr. Matt Kroneberger,   Dr. Mackenzie Stodola, Dr. Michelle Morgan & Dr. Dustin Balliet

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