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Dr. Mackenzie Stodola

Dr. Mackenzie Stodola loves being a chiropractor because of the relief she has experienced first hand from receiving chiropractic adjustments. Years ago she was suffering from daily headaches and constant neck pain, and after getting her first few adjustments noticed almost immediate improvement. No longer was she feeling run down, in need of ibuprofen to get through the day.

Dr. Mackenzie loves providing relaxing relief to patients with specific muscle work and customized adjustments. It’s important for her to understand what goals the patient has, so she can meet the patient where they are at to achieve those goals. Whether experiencing improved sleep, less pain while playing with the kids, or increasing endurance for an athletic event, Dr. Mackenzie is trained to help each patient reach their goals. Throughout the process, she will recommend supportive stretches and exercises to aid in the patient’s recovery. She has knowledge and experience with nutritional supplements as well as acupuncture to enhance the patient’s results.

Throughout all phases of life, Dr. Mackenzie has seen and experienced benefits of chiropractic care. During her pregnancies and postpartum period, chiropractic was a huge part of her recovery and allowed her to be active and pain free. She loves working with pregnant women, babies, children, and adults in every stage of life.

Dr. Mackenzie lives with her husband and two small children in Woodbury. They enjoy spending time with family and friends and exploring the surrounding cities.

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