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Dr. Zachary Mills, DC

Dr. Zach, a native of the area, brings a unique blend of local roots and diverse experiences to his practice at Woodbury Family Chiropractic. After attending Hill-Murray High School, Dr. Zach ventured to Alberta, Canada for a year to pursue his passion for hockey, playing at the junior level. His athletic journey continued at Niagara University, where he was a member of the Division 1 hockey team while studying psychology.  Fascinated by human behavior, Dr. Zach immersed himself in research, exploring topics such as conditioning, habit formation, fears, anxiety, and overall human performance. This academic journey fueled his belief in the power of intentional, consistent habits to guide individuals toward optimal health and happiness.

Driven by his integrative approach to healthcare, Dr. Zach pursued his chiropractic education at Northwestern Health Sciences University, graduating Cum Laude. In addition to his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, he pursued further specialization, earning a sports emphasis certification. This certification honed his expertise in sports injuries and provided training in extremity evaluations and treatments.

At Woodbury Family Chiropractic, Dr. Zach embraces patients of all backgrounds and ages, viewing each individual as an athlete in their own right. Whether one’s aspirations involve professional sports, playing with their children, or staying active enough to enjoy time with grandkids, Dr. Zach is dedicated to helping patients achieve their health and wellness goals through personalized chiropractic care.

Dr. Zach currently resides in Lake Elmo where he enjoys going for hikes, golfing, reading, writing and spending time with family.

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