Bending Time, Original Blog Post #1


Bending Time

I believe that time can bend.  That is, there are things you can spend time on, that actually create more efficiency and clarity, and effectively make 'more time' overall.  Believing in this paradox is more about practicing certain things, and noticing what happens.  Once you are in that flow, you know you are actually doing it, you are truly bending time. So if you are willing to give this a whirl, I am going to lay out the practices I swear by right here, right now!

Mindfulness in daily life.  I have taken loads of training in the field of mindfulness.  Rather than overwhelm with all that this means and how it can develop, start with this - mindfully drink a cup of herbal tea each day.  No phone, no TV, no music even.  Just time 'wasted' thinking about the tea itself, feeling the warm cup in your hands, letting thoughts float by and away without sticking and without judgement.

2. Self-Compassion Statements.  Complaining is 100% allowed, and it is in my opinion a way to detox your spirit.  But it sounds different when the intention is to release and let it go.  Say to yourself, "that was hard, there were moments where I felt overwhelmed and inadequate.  But I tried, and I dug deep, and I am proud of myself.  I am doing my best, just like everyone else. I love myself unconditionally."

3. Nature Time.  Spending time connecting with the Earth is grounding and restorative.  This can be as spiritual or as simple as you desire it to be.  I believe in barefoot in the yard moments each day, or in the winter touching a tree with your bare hand.  You belong here, so make sure you feel connected and rooted wherever you are.

4. Show your human body you appreciate it with a daily ritual.  I recognize not all of us can get away to work out every day.  Life is full. But what we can all agree to do everyday is show our body we love it in some way.  Squeeze a fresh lemon into a tall glass of water.  Stretch for 10 minutes.  Give yourself a foot rub or a head massage!  Do it with gratitude whatever ritual you choose.  Say, "Thank you body" and mean it.

WFC Blog #1 by Dr. Lorraine Smaagaard, Owner/Operator

5. Start small.  Everyone takes everything 'healthy' too far and falls into hustle culture hell, which is not sustainable.  If you are tired, your body needs rest.  If you are hungry, your body needs food.  Connect with yourself.  What small thing can you do to make an improvement?  What easy change can you make that you can stick with for the long haul?   Can you go for walks more often?  Can you eat more vegetables?  Start there, start small.  And do it lovingly to your body and soul.

6. Remind yourself every day, "There is plenty of time." Say it until you believe it, and keep saying it even then.

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